Even with bad credit, cash loans are still an option!

Do you have bad credit? Cash loans are possible!

You pick out a loan that suits you for some extra cash to pay for that unexpected bill and then suddenly you are hit with the dreaded line, “sorry, but your application has been denied due to your poor credit history.”

And then you get it again, that familiar sinking feeling. You start to wonder if you will ever be approved for a loan. Your credit history has been impeccable in recent times, but that one missed credit card payment is now haunting your potential to borrow.

Furthermore, an even more frustrating scenario could arise whereby your financial institution will consider you a risky prospect if you are making only the minimum monthly repayments on your credit card. They may think that you are struggling with finances and that you are having trouble clearing debts. This seems bizarre, but is a real prospect for a lot of borrowers.

Most people feel like they are running down a cul-de-sac and straight into a brick wall when they are faced with a denial on a loan application from traditional institutions. But there is alternative route you can take, away from the grim street of constant denials.

You can expect a clear and easy avenue to a loan decision if you contact us here at Simple Fast Loans. Upon application one of our expert representatives will be happy to let you know if, even with bad credit, you could be approved for cash loans.

Our Personal Loan, ideal for people with adverse credit, contains absolutely no set-up fees. If you are just looking for a bit of extra cash, you can borrow as little as £250, safe in the knowledge that your bad credit rating will not be a stumbling block in the borrowing process (all loans are subject to affordability & eligibility). Our Premier Personal Loans also begin at £250 and do not have any set-up fees. With both our loan products you can borrow up to £5,000 and can settle at any time.

So remember, even if you have bad credit, cash loans are still an option!

*All figures and rates correct at time of writing