Is it time for your child to get a Saturday job?

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As lockdown restrictions gradually begin to ease, many employers are beginning to recruit again. Research by CIPD, the human resources organisation, earlier in 2021 indicated that over half UK employers were planning to recruit more staff over the next few months.

This is good news for anyone looking for a job post-lockdown. It is also a hopeful indicator that if your son or daughter wants to get a Saturday job, then now might be a good time for them to start looking.

As well as earning extra money, a Saturday job can be valuable preparation for the world of work, and is also an excellent addition to your child’s CV. 

But what kind of job should they be looking for? How old do they have to be? And is it possible to fit in work without further disrupting their education?

Let’s take a look at these issues in more detail.


What kind of Saturday job could my child do?

There are many different types of Saturday job. Some of the most popular include:

  • Shops;
  • Cafes and restaurants;
  • Garden centres;
  • Kennels and stables;
  • Children’ play areas and parties.

Their employment need not be limited just to Saturdays. For example, they may be able to work at one of the above premises after school. Also, there may be other weekday opportunities such as a paper round, babysitting or pet sitting. Just be aware of the restrictions on employment hours for children, which we cover below.

The best way to find a Saturday job is to look locally. There are many employment websites online, but most are geared towards older candidates. So a stroll down your local High Street is a good place to start, seeing if there are shops or cafes advertising. Also contact local garden centres, animal care and childrens’ entertainment venues. 

Word of mouth is also an excellent way to find jobs that haven’t even been advertised yet. So let everyone know that your son or daughter is looking. Also try local social media sites as these can be useful sources of news and information.


How old does a child have to be for a Saturday job?

13 is usually the minimum age a child can start any form of work, and needs to be light work and only on an occasional basis. 

Term time

During term time children can only work a maximum of 12 hours a week in total. They must work no more than 2 hours on school days and Sundays, and a maximum of 5 hours on Saturdays for 13-14-year-olds; or 8 hours for 15-16-year-olds.

School holidays

During school holidays 13-14-year-olds can work a maximum of 25 hours a week, up to 5 hours on weekdays and Saturdays, and 2 hours on Sunday.

15-16-year-olds can work a maximum of 35 hours a week; up to 8 hours on weekdays and Saturdays, and 2 hours on Sunday.

Children must also have at least 2 full weeks off both school and work every year.

Child Employment Permit

Your child’s employer will usually need to arrange a child employment permit for them. The employer must complete an application for employment form, that you as the parent of the child will also need to sign, and send it to the Child Employment Office. An employment permit will then be issued for your child.


Can my child do a part time job as well as studying?

As we have seen, children aged 13-16 can do some limited paid work whilst also attending school. But once a child has reached the minimum school leaving age, there is more that they can do. In England, children are considered to be school leaving age on the last Friday of June, if they will be 16 by the end of the school holidays.

From this point, they can work up to 40 hours a week during school holidays, but must complete at least 280 hours a year in education or training until they reach the age of 18.

 In practice, this means that they have one of the following options for term time:

  • full-time education – for example a 6th form college – and continue a Saturday job;
  • an apprenticeship or traineeship that combines working and education;
  • part-time education or training, balanced with 20+ weekly hours working or volunteering.

Your child’s school will be able to provide further details on the above options. You can also read more on the Gov UK website.


We hope that the above information is helpful, and that your son or daughter finds the Saturday job that is right for them. Good luck in the search!

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