Finding a small short term loan with a personal touch in a digital world

Our survey says…. Small short terms loans need that personal touch!

The digital age is taking the world by storm. Everything is just a click away, and all from the ease of your own home. Access to everything can be found online, including all the financial information and advice that you could need.

Yet in an age of Apple pay, when it’s easier to pay for something with your watch then it is to pull out your wallet, recent research has found that the majority of people put their trust in services that have a physical presence as well as an online one. The need for human contact has not yet left us entirely, it seems.

Although online and mobile banking offer easy access and flexibility with our money, it appears that 48% of UK banking customers would not feel comfortable solely using these channels to control their finances. A third of customers (33%) will not trust a bank without a high street presence, according to EY’s Global Consumer Banking Survey.

The importance of face-to-face communication is something that we really value at Simple Fast Loans. The ability to offer assurance and comfort is something that cannot be done through an online forum, but instead needs a personal touch. We enjoy that we are able to treat every client with care and consideration, helping to find the right small short term loan for each individual situation.

Four out of five of those who were questioned in the Global Consumer Banking Survey were concerned about the quality of the advice available to them from their bank and to what extent it remained unbiased. A shocking 82% of those undertaking the survey did not trust their bank to tell them if there was a better product which suited their needs.

Our friendly and well trained staff are always ready to help those who may have been turned down for credit by traditional lenders. We know certain situations can make borrowing tough, like obtaining a loan with a CCJ or bad credit.

Although the survey found that consumer mistrust spreads more generally in the financial world, we make trust and trustworthy advice a key priority for our customers.

We are committed to providing straightforward, transparent and same day cash loans, which means that our clean and simple online process allows people to get right to the point.

Our online presence can help anyone to find the information that they are looking for, but it is our readily available staff who really helps our customers to find the solution for them, and it’s something that we take great pride in providing.

It’s no wonder that around a third of responses from the survey (37%) said that they had sought alternative sources for products that they would ordinarily seek from a bank. Products like loans!

At Simple Fast loans we strive to put our customers’ needs first and make short term loans just that; simple and fast.

*All figures and rates correct at time of writing