How about rebooting your life this autumn?

Autumn has definitely arrived which means that 2021 is nearing its end. And many of us will be glad to see the back of it! Far from the anticipated calm after the Covid storm of 2020, this year has been one of so many ups and downs. From the ongoing impact of the Covid pandemic, to rising gas prices, then fuel shortages; there seems no end to bad news in 2021.

So why not try to take back control this autumn by doing something new for yourself?


Autumn: a great time for a new start

The new school year is already well under way, but for many of us this time of year feels like more of a fresh start than January. We can still remember the mixture of anticipation and dread of getting ready to go back to school, with the world of potential opportunities, challenges and perhaps fears that would bring. 

But that means that autumn might be a better time to decide to do something new than January.

Let’s face it, who really feels like making a fresh start in January? The nights are dark, the weather cold, and we’re exhausted and broke after Christmas. Not the best time to be trying to start strict diets, outdoor exercise or new evening commitments!

But autumn is a great time to get going on something new. The weather is still good enough to get out and about, the evenings not yet too dark too early, and there are plenty of courses and activities going on that it may not be too late to join.

So here are a few suggestions for how to reboot your life this autumn.


Five ways to reboot your life this autumn

If you feel like it’s time for a fresh start, have a think about trying one or more of the following:


  • Look for a new job

If you’ve been thinking of changing your job, now is as good a time as any. Many people decide to do this in January, but this means that there is a lot of competition for jobs at that time of year. October and November could be viewed as fairly normal months in terms of job advertising, but bear in mind that many other job seekers are likely to pause their efforts as Christmas approaches, so if you do apply for a job during this period there may be less competition.

The main thing is that if you are considering a job move, start progressing with that now rather than put it off till 2022. Just think, you could either be in your new job by Christmas or ready to start it at the beginning of January, rather than still stuck where you are.


  • Get fit – finally!

Yes you’ve been saying for years that you really must get fit. Sometime. So why not make that time now?

Whatever type of exercise you like to do (or least hate to do!), autumn is a great time to get into it. The weather is still good enough for walking, running or other outdoor activities. If you prefer the gym, swimming or group classes, the evenings are still not too dark and cold to get out and about. You still have time to get into that routine before the real winter nights arrive.

As you read this, you still have several weeks left before Christmas. Rather than plan to get fit and lose weight after the festive season, this could be the year when you manage to do it in advance!


  • Learn something new

Is there something you’ve always really wanted to have a go at? Whether it’s taking up a musical instrument, learning another language, becoming a wonderful chef or baker, making your own clothes or jewellery or anything else at all . . . . you CAN do it. Autumn is a great time to start. As the nights draw in, try to make some evening time to pursue your new hobby.

  • If you prefer learning with others, you may still be able to get on a local course. Check out your local colleges, or search through course websites such as Find Courses or WEA to see what might be available. If there isn’t anything available, or if you prefer to learn independently, browse through Youtube and other online resources to see what could help you to get started.

Learning something new can boost your confidence and keep you in a positive frame of mind during this time of year.


  • Improve your home

There is always something that needs doing to your home. As the nights draw in, it can be tempting to just want to curl up and hibernate, but taking on even a small home improvement project can help to keep you motivated and enthused.

You may not want to start undertaking major home improvements at this time of year – such as ripping out a kitchen or bathroom – but some of the following activities make really good autumn projects:

  • Declutter your home;
  • Repaint one or more rooms;
  • Replace curtains or blinds;
  • Repair any damaged internal frames, sealings and mouldings;
  • Improve your kerb appeal: repaint the front door and external window frames of your home;
  • Power wash your paths, patio and all garden furniture;
  • Clear and mulch your garden, ready for winter;
  • Clean and store all garden tools.


  • Plan your summer holiday 2022

Last but definitely not least! Now travel restrictions are being lifted, why not plan a lovely holiday for next year?

Many of us are cautious about doing this, because no-one knows what the travel situation will be by then. So look for good travel insurance when you book your holiday, a policy that also covers Covid-related issues. Ideally your policy should cover you for cancellation, medical expenses, travel disruption such as delays or missed flights, and unexpected quarantine requirements. 

If you book either a package holiday or flights you would also be entitled to a full refund if your travel company has to cancel your booking due to Covid-19 or other serious problems. 

Nearer the time of your departure, check the latest advice for the country you are visiting on the Gov UK website to find out any current restrictions or quarantine regulations.

The beauty of booking a holiday well in advance is that you usually just have to pay a deposit at this stage and the balance 12 weeks before you go. The amount of deposit required varies depending on the type of holiday. For most European holidays you can expect to pay around £200-250 per person, but some holiday companies enable you to pay this in instalments. But if you need some extra short term funding to meet your holiday deposit, do check out Simple Fast Loans range of unsecured loans.


We hope that this article has given you some motivation and inspiration to reboot your life this autumn. Good luck with whatever you decide to do, and check back here soon for more lifestyle and financial tips from Simple Fast Loans.