Needed emergency cash; won the lottery! | Making Millions

From needing an emergency cash injection to making millions!

Be honest… winning the lottery is something you’ve day-dreamed about more than once. How, oh how, would you spend all those millions of pounds?

Would you be practical and save all the money but perhaps invest in a new car, a new house or an extended holiday? Or would you, like countless previous winners, squander all the money basking in excess? One thing is for sure…we’d all like the opportunity to find out for ourselves what we’d we do with lotto winnings!

More chance of getting hit by what?!
Before you get all dreamy and begin to fantasise about the Range Rover you would purchase after picking up your lottery cheque, consider your actual chances of winning the lottery.

You’re more likely to be hit from a stray part of a random overhead airplane than you are of winning the lotto. But think that’s far-fetched? You’re actually more likely to give birth to identical quadruplets than win the jackpot. Unless, of course, you’re a male, in which case your chances of winning the lotto are better!

Fans of space travel will be relieved to know that the chances of becoming an astronaut are higher than getting all six numbers, while athletes can take heart from the fact that winning an Olympic medal is 75 times more likely than winning the lottery.

You mean I’ve to budget?
The first thing any day-dreamer should note is that with great money comes great responsibility. Use past winners as cautionary tales and, well, just try not to blow all your money within the first couple of years of your win.

Studies in the US show that lottery winners declare bankruptcy at double the rate of the general population, so maybe keep your family and close friends even closer and ignore the old friends who pop up on Facebook to congratulate you on your win (and ask for a kind donation).

The most famous squanderer of lotto winnings is Michael Carroll, who managed to blow almost £10 Million in only a few years. He ended up sleeping rough looking for work, and urges other winners to be sensible with their money.

But lots of other people who won the lotto are thankful for their success, and say that their families kept them grounded. In his mid-20s Matt Myles won the lottery and quit his job within two days. Bad idea, you might say. But Matt was the man with the plan, and after having travelled the world he settled down and set up a successful property investment firm with his brother.

What if the dream is over?
Of course, all this is purely hypothetical. Remember, you’re more likely to be hit by falling objects from the sky than you are of winning the lottery.

But if you’re stuck for emergency cash and don’t feel like taking the extreme long shot of winning the National Lottery as a way of getting some money, fear not!

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*All figures and rates correct at time of writing