Halloween party tricks – without the need of an unsecured loan!

You don’t need an unsecured loan to host a great halloween party!

Planning for a party is always fun, but we’re sure we’re not the only ones who have gotten too excited and got a little carried away when planning. Oh sure, the party is always fantastic, but when it comes to looking at the cost afterwards, it can be a bit of a shock. The extravagance that seemed like such a good idea at the time suddenly seems like a bad call. To the point that you feel you might need an unsecured loan just to help pay it off.

What if we told you that we know how you can still have an amazing party, without having to break the bank? But before you ask, no, we’re not offering to let you borrow our fairy Godmother. We have some other ideas up our sleeve…

Those who like to browse Pinterest will have seen countless articles and photos of how to do something on the cheap, or how to make DIY alternatives. There’s no better time than Halloween to embrace this sort of attitude, so here are some top tips for keeping the costs low for an amazing Halloween party!

Make the decorations yourself
One of the easiest ways to spend less cash on a party is to make the decorations yourself. You can even get the kids involved; you’ll get extra help and it’ll keep them entertained – bonus!

Try making some blood soaked candles by dripping red candle wax over white candles, a very creepy effect but quite satisfying to make! Why not make ghost silhouettes for the windows or add a creepy face to a white door with cut-out black paper – let your creativity run wild. Or, for those who don’t like to get too crafty, simple pumpkin face Halloween buckets from the pound shop will make a good lanterns when hung over a lightbulb.

It’s also always worth visiting the local charity shop to see if there are any items that can be used for costume props or decorations. Things are normally quite cheap and you might find a few undiscovered gems, and as an added bonus, the money will go to charity. Win win.

Add a Halloween theme to your food
It can be pretty easy to add a Halloween theme to the food you’re serving, even with the most basic items. Try adding plastic spiders to your ice cube tray before freezing, or carving scary faces into the apples before apple bobbing. For the adults, coating the rim of cocktail glasses with blood red sugar is a good way to add a little fun to the drinks – all that’s required is a little food dye and sugar. For the younger ones, try wrapping masking tape around juice boxes then adding some googly eyes to turn them into mummies!

Pumpkins – are they all they’re cracked up to be?
Pumpkins can be a little overpriced this time of year, and considering that most of us just carve them up to only throw away the filling, followed by the shell a few days later it does feel like a waste of money. Have you ever thought of creating a Halloween pineapple? Much scarier than a pumpkin, far cheaper at roughly £1 each, and the rest can be put to good use for other parts of the party. Add it to cocktails or create mini appetisers with cheese, much better than throwing it away.

So what happens if you’re short on funds but you really do want to throw a big blow-out party (we know exactly how you feel)? To avoid having to take out an unsecured loan to simply host a party why not check out our top 10 budget tips, or even look to create your own budget to help keep track of your money and boost your party fund!